Why Is Website Monitoring and Testing Important?

website-monitoringAfter working hard to get your site up, you obviously will have lots of expectations from it. But after that great work, if you find some bug in your website, there is nothing more disappointing than that. To make sure your website is up 24×7 without any issue, you need some tools that can run regular scans throughout your site and notify you whenever there is any problem.

Many would think what’s the need to scan the site on a regular basis when it is working just fine without any issues. Well, there are a number of reasons for this. Here are a few pointers on what makes regular monitoring so important.

Server Processes

You never know what might happen with your content when it is saved in some directory on a server. A web server goes through many processes like bandwidth changes, power outage, or the addition of new accounts. Every single process has some effect on your files too. This impact might be small or large. To be honest, most of the hosting companies won’t notify you until there is a big issue with the server. So to be on the safer side, it is always advised to be proactive.

Type of Browser

Your website behavior also depends on which browser is being used to open it. There might be some script which is not compatible with a specific browser or a specific version of a browser. Using a website monitoring tool can notify you of this problem to a good extent.

External Links

External links on your page are not your property. The destination page might change its address anytime. In that condition, you have a broken URL on your page. Monitoring tools help you find these errors.

Third Party Scripts

Every website uses some third party scripts. Those third party scripts can be updated or changed by their developers resulting in a different behavior on your webpage. These issues may go unnoticed if you don’t have a monitoring system in place.

There are several website monitoring and testing tools available out there – website defender, Websecurify, SOASTA, etc. to name a few. These tools help you keep track of your site round the clock. You just need to opt for a daily/weekly/monthly email which contains the report of all the errors your website has faced over a certain period of time.