Optimize Content Delivery with Ideosity’s StorEDGE Sphere

content-delivery-networkOnce you launch a website, you do your best in driving traffic to your website. When your site begins to receive consistent traffic, you know that you are walking on the path of success. However, the more visitors come to your website, the more they will download content and put pressure on your web hosting server.

Increasing load on the server, in turn, will severely affect the performance of your website. If not completely down, it will start taking more time to load, slowly taking your visitors away from you. This is where the Content Delivery Network (CDN) comes in.

Ideosity.com provides a pioneering service called StorEDGE Sphere that will help your site load without any delay even when your visitors are consistently downloading videos, pdfs and graphics. For example, if there is a 500MB video present on your website and several visitors start downloading that video, your server may start functioning sluggishly. But with the Ideosity StorEDGE Sphere service installed, no matter how many times that 500MB file is downloaded, your website will continue to function as smoothly as ever.

To take another example, it may be that a marketing partner of your company has planned an advertising campaign that is expected to boost the sales of your company by bringing in higher traffic to your website for few days to come. You know that you are running out of bandwidth and it will not be able to take such a load. Investing in extra bandwidth may not seem to be a good idea to you as it can incur huge costs and you won’t be using it frequently throughout the year. So, what can you do in such a situation? With StorEDGE Sphere on your side, you pay for additional bandwidth only when you make use of it.

The best thing about StorEDGE Sphere is that it caches the content of your website and places it on more than 84,000 servers located across the world; so, your content will not be too far from your site visitors. It takes off the load from the web hosting server making for higher speed and faster downloads; you can continue with your promotion and campaigns without having to worry about your site going down.

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  1. March 19, 2017