iPage Web Hosting Review: Good or Bad?

ipageFinding the perfect host seemed nearly impossible until I found iPage Hosting. My previous host’s servers were always down, and contacting customer service seemed impossible. Most of the reviews I read for other webhosts described the same problems. And any positive reviews I found for other hosts sounded like they were generated by a computer. All that changed when I heard about iPage and decided to give then a try. They offer a 30-day money back guarantee, so I figured I had nothing to lose. And I was right! I was so impressed with their service that I wanted to write a real iPage Hosting review that might help others looking for a new host.

Amazing Technology

One of the main reasons I began looking for a new host was the fact that my website was always down. What is the point a creating a great site if no one can see it? I loved the fact that the reviews I read about iPage were consistent in one area: they all confirmed iPage Hosting’s claim of having 99% uptime. After reading more, I discovered that iPage Hosting uses a data center with over 800 servers, and that if information from my website cannot be pulled from one server, then it will be pulled by another server. I have not noticed that my website is down once since switching to iPage!

Unbeatable Prices and Free Tools

I thought that finding a reliable host for under $10 a month would be impossible, but then I found the amazing prices offered by iPage Hosting. In fact, I could actually make money with my site thanks to their marketing help. They offer credits for Google Adwords, Yahoo!/Bing Sponsored Searches, and Facebook advertising. They even provided me with a free yellowpages.com listing and a toll-free phone number for my site. Essentially, they gave me all the tools I would need to run and promote my site.

Terrific Extras

Many of the webhosts I looked into offered a bit of hosting space, a control panel and not much more. I was literally blown away by all the features the folks at iPage Hosting threw into their packages. First, they allowed me to have unlimited domains and tons of disk space. Then, I was able to easily create a new site because they offered free domain registration and even included a “point and click” web builder tool that creates nice looking pages with ease. Other incredible extras include a free blog ,a free online store and so much more. Like I said, they go above and beyond your normal webhost in their offerings.

iPage Hosting has impressed me in just about every way possible. In fact, I cannot think of anything that has not pleased me about their service so far. When you are reviewing hosts, be sure you find a real iPage Hosting review, like this one, so you do not go elsewhere and miss out on the amazing service they offer.

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