How to Register a Domain Name: Registration Steps and Process Explained

domain-name-registrationBefore you start your website, you need to have a name for it so that people can type in the name in address bar of the browser (URL) to open your website. If you are a beginner, all this may sound quite unfamiliar but you will soon discover that the entire process is unbelievably simple and easy to understand. The domain registration process would first require you to work your way through a domain registrar. The steps in short that this entire process involves are given below:

1. Check for available domain names

Now it is but natural that you are not the only one trying to register a domain name; a lot of people would be doing exactly the same thing. And most of the times, you will find that the name you want to register has already been taken by somebody else. So, the first step would be to check available domain names or in other words, look for the desired name and then settle for what you are able to get. During selection of name, you may also want to take care that your domain fulfils some of the basic SEO criteria.

2. Register the name

Domain registration is done for a particular period of time, usually for one year and in multiples thereof. So, the next step is to pay for the period you wish to register the domain for (1 year, 2 years, 3 years, etc.). You will have to renew the name after the expiry of the said period; if you don’t, you will no more own that domain. For example, if you have registered a domain for 1 year, it will expire after 1 year unless you renew it further.

3. Park your domain

In case you don’t have a website, you can look for a temporary storage for your domain name till the time you have one. It is known as parking the domain. Most of the domain registrars provide free parking of the domain registered through them.

4. Develop it into a website

Most probably, buying a domain name indicates that you finally want to develop it into a website. All that needs to be done for this is to put the domain at the right place. This would necessitate buying a web hosting account and obtaining primary and secondary name servers from your webhost. Once you have pointed your domain to your web host’s name servers, upload your website files to your hosting account, and you are all ready to go.