High Paying Google Adsense Keywords

If you place Adsense ads on your site then you know one of the best ways to increase your Adsense check is to target higher paying keywords rather than those that pay out a measly 3 cents a click.

Google Adsense high paying keywords

High paying keyword lists promising high payouts circulate all over the internet. But most of these just include a word from a particular niche and then a dollar amount (which is often outdated). This really isn’t enough data to determine if this is a good niche to focus your time and money building a site on. You also need to know a little about the competition. And it’s really important to know the number of searches per month for that particular keyword. If it pays out high, but there’s only a total 30 searches per month, it might not be worth your time.

Even worse than the missing data, most of these lists just show the same old niches that everyone already knows about (hmmm… mesothelioma and loan consolidation).

Chances are if everyone already knows about the keyphrases, then your likelihood of ranking high in the search engines is pretty slim. And other methods of traffic generation are also going to be full of fierce competition.

So what you really need are refreshing keyword lists with higher than average Adsense payouts focusing on a single niche market. Instead of just one massive and virtually useless list of keywords, you need a keyword list per niche. That way you can find all the variations of keywords that relate along with their average cost per click.