How to Grow Your Website Traffic


You can reap a lot of benefits by growing your website bigger. If you are serious about making your website big, there are some practical steps you can try and we have tried to present some of them in this article. So, let’s go straight into what you can do to improve your website traffic.

Offer something unique

First comes first, you should be able to offer something unique. It means you must offer unique software or hardware or anything else that is not offered elsewhere. With this distinctive stuff, you can drive potential visitors to your website.

Do some SEO

If your aim is to optimize your website in search engines, then you should go for SEO optimization. You can do some search engine optimization on your site by using descriptive and clean title tags and descriptions, a robot.txt and meta tags, or using WC3 Validator. Additionally, Google Webmaster Tools can help you check your site’s page load time and other important parameters.

Start off with link building

Start the link building campaign by asking users to link to your site. This is a part of building backlinks for your site. Usually, satisfied users will willingly link to your site and the one with a logo button or banner will be more helpful.

Offer RSS feed

To invite visitors to check up whenever you make a new article, you can make use of an RSS feed, but make sure that you avoid advertising in an RSS feed.

Keep an eye on copycats

You shouldn’t forget to check for duplicate content because it affects your safety. It is important to ensure that someone else doesn’t copy the content of your site by searching parts of your website and popular sections randomly because if other sites copy your content, your site may be get penalized and this is dangerous. So, look out for copycats and get your content removed from other sites.

Create forums

With lots of unique content on your site, you can turn it into interesting topic in the forum where people can discuss and ask questions about the content. For more attractive space, you better use a custom designed theme and pick something more distinctive. You should remember to be strict with trolls. It is necessary for not allowing a rude member in your forums although your website is new. You must be able to be strict and enforce your rules. Keep in mind that quality content is more precious than lots of content.