What Does Green Web Hosting Mean? How Is It Different?

green-website-hostingHosting companies require huge amount of energy to run their datacenters, cooling units, servers, networking equipment, fire management systems, security and monitoring systems, etc. There are thousands of hosting companies in the United States, UK, Australia and many other parts of the world. Now, you can imagine the cumulative amount of energy consumed by the web hosting industry on the whole.

Apart from energy consumption, huge amount of carbon is emitted by the datacenters into the environment. This has made the web hosting industry become a major contributor to global warming and environment pollution. So, many responsible web hosts today are making conscious efforts to go green.

How do they achieve this? What methods do the green web hosting companies use to safeguard the environment? And how are they different from the rest? Let’s have a look.

How is green web hosting different?

The very first thing a green web hosting does is that it makes use of environmentally friendly technologies and practices instead of the conventional hosting technologies. For example, it may use a datacenter and other equipment that is energy efficient (uses less energy). Similarly, it may replace the conventional energy with renewable energy.

Next to that, a green web host also tries to mitigate the negative impact its operations had, on the environment. This is usually done by doing something good for the environment (for example, planting trees) in order to compensate for the harm it caused.

Reduction in energy usage

Many green hosting companies have taken proactive steps to bring about reduction in energy usage in their day-to-day business practices. These may include using few PCs and hardware, making use of energy efficient server, equipment and technology, powering the office through solar or wind energy, eliminating the usage of paper, following recycling procedures, etc. Many of them also educate their employees to follow energy saving practices at home.

Renewable Energy Credits (REC)

Some green hosting companies directly make use of alternative energy to run their datacenters. Others prefer to buy RECs or Renewable Energy Credits from an electrical firm. The REC buying companies may not use renewable energy directly but they ensure that the certified amount of renewable energy has been put back into the electrical grid by a provider of green energy (for example, a wind farm).

Giving back to the Earth

Some of the green hosting companies pledge to give back to the Earth in order to preserve the environment. For example, whenever they sell a hosting plan, they plant a certain number of trees. This way the negative impact on the environment is reduced or nullified.