Features of a Good Web Hosting Company: What Qualities Should You Look For?

web-host-qualitiesThere are numerous hosting companies out there that claim to be the best in the business and try to influence you to sign up with them by offering attractive deals. However, when you sign up, you will realize that they miserably fail to fulfill the promises they make.

When you want to choose a hosting company, you need to have certain points in mind that you are looking out for, and then you can start shortlisting the providers on the basis of the requirements they meet. But irrespective of your specific requirements, there are certain characteristics that a good web hosting company is supposed to possess. Here are the most important ones:

1. Right Infrastructure

Most companies make tall promises like zero downtime, unlimited storage space, unmetered bandwidth, 24×7 customer support, etc. But do they also have the right infrastructure in place to support the promises they make? A good web host does not make a promise that goes beyond its capacity.

2. Correct Information

When you choose a hosting plan, you should be provided with exact and accurate information as to what you are going to get. There should not be any hidden costs involved. The privacy policy page and terms and conditions page should be easy to understand. A company that hides something from its customers cannot be considered good.

3. Website Security

Be it a personal blog or a business website that you are hosting, all websites need a certain level of security. It’s a different thing that certain types of websites (like ecommerce sites, membership sites, etc.) require higher level of security. A good web hosting provider should assure at least a minimum level of security for your website.

4. Technical Support

However high quality hosting a company claims to provide, things cannot be predicted, and you may need some technical help at any point of time. It is for this reason that most of the good hosting companies always have a highly trained technical support team that can be accessed through various channels like email, phone, live chat, support ticket, etc.

5. Awards and Recognition

If a hosting company is popular, or has been in business for a long time or has been performing consistently well, then in most of the cases it is likely that it has received some award, certification or any other form of recognition from a well-known accrediting agency.

6. Customer Reviews

If a company provides good hosting service, then obviously its customers are likely to say good things about it. Yes, there are bound to be some disgruntled customers in every company but the overall review should be positive. This again should be seen in sync with the size of the customer base of a given company.