Help Choosing a Good Web Host: Selection Criteria

how-to-choose-a-web-hostThese days, all business owners are trying their best to expose their business to wider audience on the internet. All online business owners are making use of all the possible internet marketing strategies. No matter what efforts you make to build a topnotch website and advertise it, the only crucial decision that can make or break the success of your website is the hosting company you choose. Web hosting is the service that allows your site to become accessible on the web.

Choosing a hosting that appears to be affordable but is not known for its service can ruin your chances of making money through your online business. An unreliable hosting company will cause your website to suffer from various kinds of problems like limitations on bandwidth and disk space, page load errors, and sluggish loading of your site. Hence, you need to spend your time in researching and consider several factors before going with a given hosting company.

Here are some of things that you need to be considerate about:

1. Type of Hosting

Shared hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated hosting are the different types of web hosting services. For beginners, the most suitable option is shared hosting. Before deciding on the type of hosting and the hosting plan, you need to carefully go through your website requirements and then take a suitable decision.

2. Server Type

Servers are manufactured by many companies like Dell and HP. You should enquire about the brand of the server and other hardware equipment. Different operating systems such as Windows, UNIX and Linux are installed on the server. Linux servers guarantee you utmost security and user-friendly controls. Windows server is also easy to use and come with manifold features. On the other hand, UNIX is not that easy to use; however, it offers superior security features.

The server space is nothing but hard disk storage space on the server where your website and its associated files will be stored. You should choose a hosting plan that provides you with ample storage that is sufficient for your site.

3. Bandwidth

An unlimited bandwidth plan is suitable for handling huge traffic and for websites that offers free downloads. Again, you need to take a calculative step by choosing a plan that offers bandwidth sufficient enough to handle your estimated traffic.

4. Technical Support

The technical support team of the hosting company should have experienced professionals who can understand different kinds of web hosting problems. Also, the web hosting technical support team should be accessible 24×7 through live chat, email, phone, etc.

5. Unbiased Reviews

What are the existing customers of a web hosting company saying? How is their experience? Before you select a hosting company, read expert reviews as well as customer reviews on the web.