Bluehost Web Hosting Review: How Good?

bluehostAre you planning to set up a new website or looking for a new web hosting company to host your website? Well this is a tough question to answer. There are a huge number of companies rendering web hosting services in the globe. The services rendered by these companies vary. Some render low quality and unreliable services. While there are still some excellent companies in the web hosting business that offers superb service to their clients.

Among the few excellent companies in the web hosting business that offers high quality and superb service to their clients is Bluehost. This company has been in the business for a long and has the required expertise and facilities to deliver the much needed high quality service to their numerous clients. Bluehost Web Hosting Services deploy top class web hosting facilities. They use Linux servers, which are regarded as the best servers in the web hosting business. This server delivers top notch web hosting service.

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Bluehost has the required manpower to man their top class facilities to ensure smooth running of their service. Members of their staff are highly trained and thus possess the much needed expertise and experience to top class service to their clients. Thus the company has all the ingredients necessary for the delivery top notch service to their clients.

Being a top class provider of web hosting services, many benefits accrued from using Bluehost as your web host:

Reliable Uptime

Subscribing to a host plan from Bluehost gives the client a guaranteed uptime of about 99.9 percent at all times. This is inclusive of time for service upgrade and maintenance. For novice in web hosting terminology, uptime is the time that the web hosting service is accessible and available. This is very important because a web hosting service is responsible for the running of a website. When your web hosting service is not available, your website will not be available to web users. Thus, subscribing to a plan from Bluehost means your website is guaranteed to be up and running at almost all times.

Affordable Price

The price of a Bluehost plan is one of the cheapest in the industry. It is about $3.95 per month. This fee covers all the fringe benefits that come with using the services of Bluehost as your web host. Also there is a refund policy for clients who are not satisfied with their services. However, this is often very rare. This is quite different from the pricing system of other web hosting companies. These companies usually trick their client with a low price offer. This low price offer does not include other benefits associated with using the company as your web host. Thus there is a separate package for a low price hosting plan and other subscription plans.

Customer Service

The customer service of Bluehost is one of the best in the web hosting industry. I have never seen such a superb service elsewhere. Their response to customers’ enquiries and complaints is prompt. There are different ways of contacting them; phones, email and instant messaging system.
Increase Web Visibility: Subscribing to a web host plan from Bluehost automatically add the client to huge collection of resources from the company to increase the visibility of the client website. The client site is automatically added to Google and other search engines. This will increase the search engine ranking of the client site, thus increasing its visibility to the online world.

Multimedia Resources

The web hosting services of Bluehost comes with a number of multimedia resources. Animation and other multimedia resources will be enjoyed by the client.

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Bluehost web hosting services is specifically designed to provide excellent solution to the web hosting needs of various clients out there. Thus subscribing to a plan is a good way to put all web hosting worries behind you.