An In-Depth Review of BigCommerce: Hosted Ecommerce Solution

big-commerce-reviewSetting up and managing an ecommerce website is no small feat by any means. Finding a web hosting solution, taking care of web security, integrating payment gateway, and what not… there is a whole bunch of issues that can keep you busy and prevent you from moving ahead with your project. But hosted ecommerce solutions have completely changed the scenario. You can manage everything, right from design to hosting and sales, all from a single account with the help of some simple, user friendly tools.

One such popular hosted ecommerce solution provider is BigCommerce which ranks among the top ecommerce platforms of the world. So, how does BigCommerce help business owners solve their problems and what all features does it offer? Here’s an in-depth review.

7 Outstanding Features of BigCommerce

There are a plethora of features and it’s necessary for us to know them in depth. These features help BigCommerce to stand out from the rest in the market.

Customer Friendly Dashboard: I have used many websites in the past and based on my personal experiences I had expected the dashboard of BigCommerce to be complex and difficult to use. However, BigCommerce is breeze in the fresh air, as it focuses on customer satisfaction and comfort. The dashboard of this ecommerce platform is exceptional and easy to use. The moment you enter the website, you come across a video for getting started. In this video, you will be getting a step-by-step procedure for effectively using the website. The customer relationship management, order management and inventory control can be easily accessed on desktop itself.

Flexible Prices: An interesting aspect of BigCommerce is that it offers variations, so everyone can be contended. It is having 5 plans, so you can choose one of them depending upon your requirement. For instance, if the online store is particularly small and your business is restricted then you can go with bronze or silver plans. However, in case of large set-up with huge business, diamond plans would be worth it. In the diamond plan you have an option to upload infinite number of products. The basic pricing starts with $24.95 per month but you have always a choice to upgrade the plan depending upon your requirements. The up gradation is hassle-free, so you wouldn’t have to worry about the same.

Instant Setup: This ecommerce giant is one of those rare websites who don’t ask for your credit card for giving a trial run. Before availing the services of this ecommerce giant, you can use it 15 days. It signing procedure was quick and within a few seconds I got my control panel at my mail. It seems this ecommerce giant has worked hard on making a website which can be used easily even non-technical customers. After signing up, you may receive follow up mails giving you links to video tutorials for setting an online store. The entire process would hardly take couple of minutes.

Automatic Inventory Control: The automated inventory of this site keeps a track on various orders made by customers. Apart from this, it also keeps a check on stock levels right from their purchase to the date they are sold to customers. This gives no scope for the customer to raise questions about stock notifications. After all, it’s the customers who are the king in the market and if they are not happy with the services, then business can’t grow.

Exceptional Design: The drag and drop facility is class apart. With the widget like these, you can expect to please customers at the first go. This is yet another reason why I call this website customer friendly. You can just click on the design section present on the dashboard and check out all the template files and designs.

Complete Fraud Protection: This ecommerce website offers free SSL certificates with each plan, so you have a choice to either buy the SSL certificate from a third party or right away by it from BigCommerce website itself. I have neither experienced any security issue nor have I read about the same, so we can rely on its security measures.

Selling on Ebay and Facebook: In these times razor sharp competition, there is very less scope for a new online vendor to get initial boost in terms of sale. The selling feature offered by BigCommerce offers new vendors a platform to present their products front of numerous customers across the world. This gives these vendors far more scope to grow and establish their business with hopes of succeeding.

Advantages of BigCommerce:

Free Trial: The best part of choosing BigCommerce over other ecommerce websites is availability of free trial for 15 days. During these 15 days, you can use its services and accordingly decide your further actions.

Customer Friendly: My experience with this website has exceptional for the simple fact that its customer friendly and I had to not spend plenty of time understanding it. Most of the websites I have used in past require you spend hours in understanding but after checking out the tutorial video of BigCommerce, I hardly required more time to effectively use this website.

Customer Support: The customer support and back-end of this website is class apart. The online chat and video tutorials enhance the customer experience and as we all know customers are happiest when a business values them.

Problems with BigCommerce

Additional Costs: BigCommerce is having many built-in features which are praiseworthy but the sad part is that most of them are paid. The integrated pluggins require additional payments which can cause displeasure among customers. The website should come up with integrated software for major things and give away for free in order to increase the customer value.

Customer Support Problem: Though it is a common problem but a major giant like BigCommerce should work on improving the standards of its customer support. Its customer support is always ready to help but in case of complicated problems, they are unreliable. Product descriptions and other simple things wouldn’t be a problem; it’s the complex aspects of the website, where the customer support fails to be at its best.


BigCommerce is a huge giant and it can quite easily help you with starting an online business. The overall experience right from the sign up to the purpose will be memorable. If you’re looking for a trustworthy platform, then BigCommerce is the answer.