Best Web Hosting Providers

best-web-hosting-providersSo you registered a domain, found a cheap web host and put your site online. You put in all the efforts you could in designing, optimizing and promoting it. And then one fine day you see what… OMG! My site is taking too long to load. Maybe a temporary problem; let me check it again tomorrow. And then the next day: Goddamn! It’s totally down.

The point is, no matter whatever amount of hard work you put in everything else, without a good hosting, you can go nowhere. Web hosting is one thing that can make or mar your success online. Then why not select your web hosting provider with care!

But with the mushrooming growth of the web hosting industry and many fly-by-night operators creeping in, you may be totally lurking in the dark trying to find that perfect, reliable host for your blog or website. So, to make your task easy, we have done the research for you. Here are some of the best web hosting providers you can trust your site with.


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Starting Price: $3.96 per month

HostGator is one of the most experienced and reputed web hosting providers known for its high quality services. Its well maintained, high speed servers will give you a fast loading site with zero downtime. It has different plans to suit all pockets – Hatchling, Baby, Business, etc. And its chat support is among the best in the industry. It provides all 3 types of hosting – shared, VPS, and dedicated.

Blue Host

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Starting Price: $6.95 per month

BlueHost is another great web host with millions of domains to its credit. Its servers are extremely fast and secure. You will hardly experience any downtime for your website. Another thing we like about BlueHost is its integrity and straight forwardness in dealing with its clients. It offers only shared hosting through one standard plan for all – you get unlimited disk space and can host unlimited domains.

Web Hosting Pad

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Starting Price: $4.95 per month

WebHostingPad hosts over 200K domains across the world. It’s known to provide extremely cheap hosting (sometimes as low as $1.99 per month). It provides shared and VPS hosting. In shared hosting plan, you get to host unlimited domains with unlimited disk space and bandwidth. It also gives you the option to supercharge your website with some additional features like SSL certificate, spam filter, security scan, firewall, ecommerce, etc. at some additional charges.

Green Geeks

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Starting Price: $4.95 per month

If you believe in energy efficiency and sustainable living, then GreenGeeks hosting is for you. Entire infrastructure of this carbon neutral hosting is said to be powered by wind energy. It offers shared as well as VPS hosting. The shared hosting plan gives you unlimited disk space, unlimited data transfer, and the freedom to host unlimited domains. You also get a free domain till you continue the hosting account.

InMotion Hosting

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Starting Price: $5.95 per month

InMotion Hosting has come up with something it calls as speed zone technology to make your site load faster. It has multiple data centers located at different places. It has also tied up with some ISPs and peer exchanges to provide direct data connections. Right from shared to VPS to dedicated, whatever type and level of hosting you are looking for, you’ll find it all at InMotion Hosting. You also get to select from multiple plans to suit your budget and requirements.