Best Developer VPS Hosting

VPS for developersWhen it comes to hosting, developers know what they want. The choice to transition to a VPS host will provide security, flexibility and performance. However, this is a big move for even the most savvy Web hosting customers. It’s important to work hard to select the best hosting solution so projects won’t have to be moved to another host in the future!

For most businesses and designers, VPS hosting is an intermediary step between shared hosting and a private server. Smaller sites can often remain on VPS hosting indefinitely. When it comes to VPS, developers have to be careful about getting the features they need for the types of projects they will work on most frequently.

Three Excellent VPS Hosting Solutions for Developers:

1. HostingSource

Hosting Source is a versatile and inexpensive option appropriate for many different kinds of development. Although it does not specialize in either Windows or Linux, it provides strong support in both areas. You can get started on Hosting Source for a very reasonable price, but you can also build a powerhouse VPS if your budget allows. Hosting Source is a great solution for developers who want processing power comparable to a dedicated server without the price. Plus, you can easily integrate your choice of Plesk or cPanel to make evaluating your VPS performance that much easier. Those working with e-commerce or other sensitive projects will enjoy swift and secure SSL.

Best Features of Hosting Source’s Standard VPS Plan:

  • Your choice of either a Windows or Linux environment to meet any development need.
  • Prices ranging from $10 a month for one gigabyte of RAM to $40 for four gigabytes.
  • Up to six terabytes of bandwidth each month to help growing sites with robust traffic.

2. MyHosting

MyHosting is known throughout the industry as a company focused on delivering the best quality of service. As a “Gold Partner” with Microsoft, it is able to provide updates and upgrades for Windows Server deployments faster than virtually any other major VPS host. Thanks to its managed migration service, developers can easily move sites from other hosts. Developers will appreciate the amazing speed possible with MyHosting thanks to its modern hard disk infrastructure. Likewise, immediate root access means you can get down to business right away. Although MyHosting is known for Windows hosting, it also offers several Linux options. Sadly, it tends to be a bit more expensive than some other mid-range VPS hosting companies.

Popular Features for MyHosting Hyper-V VPS for Windows:

  • Top performance from a Windows environment for .NET and Microsoft-based development.
  • Uses “SAN Storage” technology along with NetAPP for exceptional file loading speeds.
  • Partners with Microsoft to deploy latest versions of Windows Server to customers.
  • Proactive monitoring and patching on an “around the clock” basis protects data.

3. Interserver

Interserver is one of the least expensive options when it comes to VPS. Its cloud infrastructure allows VPS systems to react to unexpected demands “on the fly.” Developers enjoy the fine control over each aspect of configuration that Interserver offers. With over a decade of expertise, Interserver has been hailed as one of the most reliable enterprises in the VPS market.

Leading Features for Interserver Cloud VPS:

  • Selection of Windows or Linux environment with between one and 16 VPS “slices.”
  • Flexible configuration allows developers to design a cost-effective VPS solution.
  • Guaranteed 99.9 percent site availability compares well with premium VPS services.
  • Initiation and deployment of new VPS in minutes, including immediate root access.